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An Onboarding EOD Solution to remove burdensome paperwork

It would seem to me that agencies would benefit from a stardardized online Entrance on Duty system or(EOD)solution


The benefits of which would not only help "improve time to hire" but provide an important bridge for new entrants to the federal workforce at the get go, and lead to increased "new hire commitment" and "improved retention".


Another benefit would be to ultimately mitigate risk from losing talent during the "time to start" period when candidates are most susceptible to competing offers of employment from the private sector. At best even a 30-40 day cylcle absent a security clearance, can be too long for top level talent to wait in the given economic conditions and unemployment hitting all time highs.


Of critical importance too is the fact that all too often the technology is changed but not the paperwork processing requirements. This leads to cost over runs and contractors charging .33 a form to scan something that could easily be entered online securely from home by a new hire before they hit the ground day one. I know personally my wife keeps all my PII on file, I tend not to have this at the ready, but thats' just me.


The goal with an EOD Online solution ultimately is not only going to help government reduce paperwork requirements for agencies across the board but enable the standardization of forms to streamline the process and bring it online. Data availability and information quality related to employee expectations of salary and benefits are also improved avoiding to costly mistakes.


There are several examples but relatively few success stories out there, as well as number of studies on the topic. It would seem to me that OPM could easily spearhead an Onboarding solution most effectively. The pipeline of talent is out there, the interest to answer the call to public service is high, and as reforms comes online so to should an EOD process for forms so that the face to face and interpersonal side of a new hire orientation be something that is lasting amd memorable. Let agencies worry more about how to make the best first impression we can on new recruits, so that what resonates in our new entrants is that answering the call to service was the right choice. Afterall what attracts most technical talent is the chance to work on some amazing projects and technilogical innovations, and then come day one only to find out that for the first three days the new engineer or IT professional has to fill out paper forms.


I don't think this should be an inherently governmental function as there are solutions out there but in that agencies should aspire to have the first impression solidfy and validate a new hires excitement to enter public service- it should not be a negative, tiresome process, that takes up both parties time on the first days of being on the job. After all, isn't making it through the hiring process hard enough and EOD should not be the gauntlet of forms that has become, at least then we could spend more time working on the security clearance processes.


Just a thought...



John Bersentes

Director Business Development

TMP Government



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