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Check that OPM HR Select the right candidates.

I know of a case where a 10 point disable veteran currently working as a contractor for OPM has been rejected to work as a Federal Employee for the same position in the same location and doing the same work that he has been doing for over a year. I notice that many federal HR personnel are being influenced by management to select only those employees they one for the position and not the employees that can better do the job.

ID: You do not meet the experience or education required for this position is the message he got.

When the HR Person was contacted and questioned, she said that it was because the words his resume did not match the words in the USA Jobs requirements, but while he was not selected by the OPM HR, he is currently doing the same very job as a contractor and there are no complaints with his performance.

So if he can do the job as a contractor, what stop him from doing the same quality work as a federal employee, at the end is just a change of title, from Contractor to GS, the results are the same, the work will continue to be done.

In the other hand, some of the personnel that were selected for the position in the certificate don't even have a degree which is required for the position. And the disable veteran that was not selected for weird and strange reasons, has a degree and 20+ years experience in the job.

So as you can see still today in OPM many HR Personnel are being influenced to select only the one they are interested on and not the real qualified personannel.

Bottom line, we need independent agencies not related to the personnel/HR Office to check the selection process and make sure that not only their friends or their friends/friends are selected for the positions.


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    Terrence Hill

    This sounds like a complaint, not an idea to make OPM more transparent.

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    reembertoparada ( Idea Submitter )

    Well terrence.hill you could call it both, but not really. It is a problem that needs to be fix to make the selection process more transparent and it is an on going problem at OPM today. So in a way you can say it is a complaint but, if I was complaining I would be mentioning names and presenting proof, but I am not doing that, I mention what I know that happened to let people know that it is a problem that needs to be fixed. It definitely needs to be fixed, Federal Jobs should be going to the most prepared for the job not to our friend, simply because of it.

    Fixing that problem which in many cases is hard to prove, and that is why it happens so often, will definitely make OPM much more transparent, don't you agree.

    I think it was president Roosevelt, who first notice the corruption in the government, where federal jobs were passed from father to son, today it still happening with certain positions, but it kept hush-hush, it happens today from father to son and from son to friends. It happens every day and unless we do something to make the process more transparent it will continue to happen and people who can bring real potential and knowledge to the Federal Government are being overlooked and put because HR Personnel are being influence by management to select only the ones they want and not utilize the process put in place to select them.

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    As someone who has had personal experience with varying "interpretations" of the standards conatined in the OPM qualifications standards manual, I agree that there is something wrong with the system.

    For example, I received notice from a DEU stating the following: "We found your MS unrelated, and you do not have professional engineering experience, certification, or registration to demonstrate. There is a high standard for 8XX engineers. We found you to be ineligible per OPM guidelines." I espcially objected to the statement that I did "not have professional engineering experience" when in fact I had over 15 years experience including four years as a senior design engineer working for a NASA contractor on the space station. I also objected to the statement that I was "ineligible per OPM guidelines" when in fact I received a notice from a branch of the OPM in regards to an engineering position for which I had previously applied that stated the following: "We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above. Your name has been referred to the employing agency for consideration."

    I have also applied for a position which required "Study of the application of computers in education and training, including selecting appropriate computer software" and been told that a course in which I completed a term paper which described an entire distributed learning system from server to end-user workstation does not meet that requirement. I ahve also been told that neither does a course which studies the human-computer interaction and its effect on how people process information.

    When one can apply for the same type of position with several different agencies and be found "highly qualified" by some agencies and not not even eligible for failure to meet the minimum requirments by other agencies something is definitely wrong. On top of that, I have been told that there is no one entity that one can go to to have the issues resolved. My recommendation is that there be one office to which persons who have disagreements with the findings of their eligibility can go to appeal the finding, regardless of the agency making the finding. There should be some "final authority" able to decide if a person meets the standard or not.