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Check that OPM HR Select the right candidates.

I know of a case where a 10 point disable veteran currently working as a contractor for OPM has been rejected to work as a Federal Employee for the same position in the same location and doing the same work that he has been doing for over a year. I notice that many federal HR personnel are being influenced by management to select only those employees they one for the position and not the employees that can better do the job.


ID: You do not meet the experience or education required for this position is the message he got.


When the HR Person was contacted and questioned, she said that it was because the words his resume did not match the words in the USA Jobs requirements, but while he was not selected by the OPM HR, he is currently doing the same very job as a contractor and there are no complaints with his performance.


So if he can do the job as a contractor, what stop him from doing the same quality work as a federal employee, at the end is just a change of title, from Contractor to GS, the results are the same, the work will continue to be done.


In the other hand, some of the personnel that were selected for the position in the certificate don't even have a degree which is required for the position. And the disable veteran that was not selected for weird and strange reasons, has a degree and 20+ years experience in the job.


So as you can see still today in OPM many HR Personnel are being influenced to select only the one they are interested on and not the real qualified personannel.


Bottom line, we need independent agencies not related to the personnel/HR Office to check the selection process and make sure that not only their friends or their friends/friends are selected for the positions.



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