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Common Sense Telework Agreements

Standardize Telework Agreements with a common sense approach.


Government Shutdowns


Workers with the capability of teleworking should be expected work even when the government is shutdown due to weather or other natural disasters. Unless that worker is directly affected by the situation (power outage, for example) the employee should be expected to work.


Example: On a recent flight to DC, I sat next to a government full-time teleworker that worked every day during the recent government shutdown. Several part-time teleworkers in DC, from that persons same agency, refused to work because their agreement did not require it. These same people routinely teleworked one day per week and had been requesting two days per week. Yet, when the opportunity to prove their worth came up, they failed to perform.


Compensation During Shutdowns


Some often present an argument that requiring teleworkers to work during shutdowns, when others do not, is not fair. This would be less of an issue if all that were able were required to telework.


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