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Dear OPM, Citizen and fed applicants deserve better than OF 612

For goodness sake, come into the 21st century and redesign the gov't job app form to be USER FRIENDLY.


1. Acknowledge people's busy lives & allow SAVE feature so applicants can work on it when all info is available and they have snippets of time.

2. Allow enough space for text entry in all fields. Section C Item 9, Section E, Section F, Section G are currently useless. Current set-up forces applicant to attach multiple pages of additional content, with cross references to the form sections. Supervisors HATE THAT and don't have time for it.

3. Make reasonable demand on applicants' skills in using fillable pdf forms and relax the unforgiving formatting. Archaic date format of mm-yyyy is a good example. Eliminate instant pop-up window with instructional message AFTER the typist has entered data; it adds no value.


Left as is, OF 612 is good way to get non-fed Joe Citizen to GIVE UP. I'm a 30 year fed and I'm used to bad processes. This form is one of the worst I've seen in a very very long time.



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