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On the current USAJOBS site, there is little information about the individual employers outside of what is discussed in the specific job description. The Silver Search offering allows an employer to brand the header of the position listing, but doesn’t allow for much more.


Deciding to work for an organization is a major life-changing decision for an individual. A college student may want to know about training and advancement opportunities. A mid-level career person would ask questions regarding benefits, salary and the types of projects they will be engaged on. A person towards the end of their career may be looking to see where they can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Each of these groups of people will be deciding if the move is beneficial to themselves and their families in very different ways.


Given the impact of this decision, organizations should do as much as possible to introduce themselves to a potential candidate and provide both tangible and intangible benefits for working there. Is their room for advancement? What would I be doing every day? What will my co-workers be like?


To help answer some of these questions, I would propose the development of Employer Profiles 2.0. Given the myriad of ways that candidates are finding job postings, including through search engine marketing, this may be the first time that a candidate is coming across an agency name. USAJOBS can become a Recruitment One-Stop (ROS) of information where a job seeker can get a solid overview of mission, culture and other benefits of employment.



The Employer Profile 2.0 would be a customizable feature and potentially an additional revenue stream where agencies can access a password protected administrative module. Within this module, agencies would have the option to:


• Add photos

• Add video

• Author a blog

• Host discussions

• Highlight “Hot Careers”

• Add links to social networking sites and their agency careers site

• Add an RSS feed of press releases/news from the agency careers site

• Showcase recent projects

• Upload logos (i.e., accolades such as Best Places to Work)

• Show a calendar of upcoming career fairs


The profile would also give employers the option of downloading a widget or link for placement on their agency careers site driving traffic directly to their profile.


Respectfully submitted,

John Bersentes


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