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FED should allow employees to buy disability insurance

I am a Fed employee and I had to take unpaid leave last year after having a C-section. There is no paid maternity leave for Fed employees. The Fed also does not offer it's employees short term disability insurance for these types of things. But here's the real shocker: we are not allowed to buy short term disability from other providers. Companies like AFLAC are not allowed to sell short term disability policies to Fed employees. I am considering leaving the Gov't after 5 years of faithful service so that I can work for a company that will allow me paid maternity leave or disability insurance that will cover my mortgage while I can't work. These policies are not the way the Gov't is going to attract good employees or keep the ones they have.


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    Terrence Hill

    There is actually pending legislation for paid maternity/paternity leave that would solve this a lot better than a disability insurance program. Most employees would not opt for this insurance, if it were offered as an option. It's too late to enroll when you need it. Would be too expensive if it was paid for by agencies. Maternity/paternity leave is a much better option.

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    amy.farb ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes I agree-true maternity leave would be best. Unfortunately, that legislation has been put on "hold". In fact, it's been a couple of years now since it was supposedly going pass. Do you have new information about it?