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Hire retired va workers

There is a large number of retired VA workers. These former VA employees have the knowledge and skills to process claims for the verterans administration.

Can they be hired on as contractors working from home to assist in answering questions or inquiries via telephone or email?

The retired VA community can help a lot, most of us worked for 30 years or more d would love the opportunity to help in some way.


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    Terrence Hill

    There are very good reasons why we don't re-hire retirees. The most important being "double-dipping," which is a wasteful use of limited resources.

    It's time to look for employment elsewhere.

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    Why would it be wasteful to hire experienced retirees part time? Proven track record. No training required. Why should only the private sector benefit from their experience.

    As for "double dipping," these people worked a long time to earn their annuity. And if they are working part time, they are earning their pay as well. By the way, the government does re-hire retirees. We have several in our agency, and they are incredibly important, because they have institutional memory that most other employees don't have.