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Hiring Veterans (Separations Process & OPM getting involved)

Veterans that are getting out of the service are required to go through a separations briefing. I believe these briefs are provided on board most major bases across the United States (and possibly abroad). I had heard that OPM was tossing around some initiatives or ideas to potentially placing OPM representatives in VA facilities across the US. My thought is to attempt to insert OPM into the separations briefings conducted by DoD. Potentially along side with the VA if need be. There is a lot of young talent getting out of the service in which I feel OPM can tap into as a good resource. The problem we face is these service members that are getting out are not educated about working for the Federal Government when they first separate. Getting the OPM "name" and "face" out there for these monthly separations briefings would be beneficial to the Federal Government. I am not convinced that embedding OPM within the VA is the ultimate solution as several Veterans may never visit a VA facility until they go to make a claim for disability. They may never be aware of the possibilities OPM has to offer or know where to look to find a Federal job.


In short, I would recommend OPM becoming involved with the separations process of the military. My opinion is that this should be considered while having discussion regarding our partnership with the VA.


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