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How Do I Stack Up?

When evaluating current employees seeking other federal positions, I'd like to see constructive feedback on how competitive our resume and qualifications were compared to other applicants.

Also,provide a summary of what qualities, skill sets, education and experience separated those considered for the position from those not considered.

This feedback would help better prepare applicants for future consideration.


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  1. Comment
    Terrence Hill

    This information is not valuable unless you were able to review the resumes for other, more qualified candidates. It also can just lead to a never-ending debate about relative qualifications. Not useful or productive use of time.

    Let's focus on just getting simple feedback on the 4 stages of the process.

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    Kitty Wooley

    If I could give this two thumbs up, I would. This idea could provide very useful, risk-free feedback to an employee. It could enable the person to: (1) discover whether his or her skills are still as valuable as they once were, or whether upgrading through training may be necessary in order to pursue other options, (2) gain new perspective on problems that may be occurring in the current job, and (3) spark completely new career ideas that could lead to increased success and fulfillment.

    Giving seasoned federal employees access to such a tool would also support agency efforts to: (1) get the right talent into the right jobs, and (2) recalibrate performance management efforts by helping employees see the relationship between their past practice and their current marketability.