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Increase the ability to determine ROI via Cookie Based Tracking

It just makes sense to measure the effectiveness of your outreach campaign. Typically, cookies are deployed to track user activity and store personal information. But this method is far too invasive for government use.

Should restrictions be lifted to allow for the use of cookies on media placements for recruitment and outreach, agencies might spend thousands less on sites or sections of sites that are not producing results. e.g. postings vs Google or keyword search. Fortunately, there’s a highly viable, cookie–less alternative for government which the firm I work for has developed. But should the government allow for cookie based tracking for those wishing to work or apply to an agency this could save thousands on non-productive and wasteful spending and initiatives.


The commercial sector tracks media outreach and even ties this data back into dashboards from applicant tracking systems to show what the true Cost Per Hire really is for any media both online and offline. Why not allow an exemption to the rule with the user providing an acknowledgment of privacy policy and consent. It is one way that perhaps we can save agencies thousands of tax payer money and increase conversion rates for online methods of outreach.



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