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I applied for several positions of which I had the qualifications, the experience and education including a masters degree, and I have never been nvited to an interview. Of the federal supervisors I have met socially through friends, I have found these supervisors have no formal education and the feds are using these type of people who select & hire and are less inclined to hire people who are better educated than they are. I have a very poor impression of the federal hiring system and the people who do the selection. Faxing transcipts is another problem I have with the system. I feel that all federal agencies should be organized so that if I apply to one agency I can use my same Userid and password and the hiring system and applications are the same. Different agencies use different systems indicating to me how properly organized the federal government. I see the feds as a runaway train wasting millions of taxpayer money and hiring too many incompetents by the same incompetent managers who are managing these agencies just look at how much money is wasted by medicare...60 minutes showed bogus people receivinhg millions of illegal money. You don't need more employees, you need competent and intelligent people managing and hiring.



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