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One Computer Program for all Applications

Currently there is the ARMY Resume Builder, the Navy Chart, DLA Resume, etc etc. Why do we have so many programs for the same purpose to hire people? We have wasted too many dollars on such idiotic things. Why should each organization even have pots of money for such things. One good method should be enough. Some organizations are going crazy with 10 plus KSA's or 30 on line self assessment questions and then also multiple essay questions. Also, many jobs require typing speeds of 40 WPM. Could you imagine not hiring Einstein because he only typed 39 WPM. If it is not a typist job then remove that requirement. Also the jobs should all clearly identify will the gov't pay the move (naturally this is extremely important), where is/are the loc/locations. I would rather children with cancer get these dollars we waste on these multiple job application programs. Let's smarten up.


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