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Provide an Interactive Career Pathing Tool on

We've all heard the expression "they come for the mission but they leave because of the managers". Some call this line of sight, but it would make sense to have an interactive Career Pathing Tool on


Career Pathing Tools are a great way to allow potential candidates the opportunity to explore their future with your agency. Candidates, especially millennials, want to see what the rewards are for a commitment to your agency.


Benefits to candidates:

- From a student or recent graduate perspective, candidates can determine how their education and degree will best fit within your agency, helping them to apply for the correct vacancy announcements.

- For experienced candidates, career pathing tools let an individual see how the next phase of their career may unfold. Often candidates who are making a change to a new agency are comparing their options for advancement against their current agency, where they may feel stagnated.

- Career pathing tools reinforce your agency’s dedication to developing talent from within the organization.

- Candidates will be able to see how their specific job category will support the overall mission of the agency.


Some things to consider when beginning this type of project:

- Is the tool for internal and/or external audience?

- Is tool for graduates and/or experienced hires?

- Is your agency looking to display “representative career paths” or more specific paths?

- How many audiences are within your agency in terms of recruitment? Does each one deserve its own pathing tool or can they be combined?

- Is there a completed career path document for mission critical positions out there?

- Should the tool connect to other areas of the careers site? Watch a video, ask a question, send an email?

- What is the measurement for success of such a project e.g. retention rates, web traffic, engagement on the website ?


At TMP we have a few examples to share with OPM and hope the hueruistic value of this post will lead to consider this as a potential tool to inlude in future versions of If OPM is sincere in wanting to attract Gen X and Gen Y, many of whom want instant-faster; then it makes sense to give them a clear line of sight for those that want to start at the top and options for those they want to move ahead in thier Federal civil service careers.


TMP has developed a wide range of Career Pathing Tools, each custom developed based on a specific client’s goals and objectives. They range from simple (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) to complex (KPMG). There are many variables that factor into an overall cost, including number of positions to be profiled, number of potential steps in a path, and level of functionality.


- Enterprise Rent-A-Car users can click along a path of job types and read bios from people in those roles. This presentation follows a somewhat linear path with the ability for candidates to move in other directions along the way.




- Intel developed a tool that allowed students and recent graduates to match their college degree with the types of positions that would be appropriate for that degree within Intel.




- Deloitte created a place where students and recent graduates can answer a series of five multiple choice questions. Based on their answers, they are served up one of seven possible areas within the organization that is deemed a best fit for their career choices. Candidates are encouraged to link within the careers site to learn more about the area, view open jobs or to read profiles of current employees within that area.




- KPMG requested an extremely robust tool where candidates choose their desired functions and roles within KPMG. Within the tool is a full description of the career path including requirements, duration, and application process with the ability to save and print paths.



These are just a few examples from the commercial sector that we hope OPM may consider in the not so distant future to be more competitive with the private sector. Afterall, advancement opportunities is a critical brand attribute that most agencies should consider touting for competitive advantage to new entrants to the Federal workforce.


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