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I am concern about the integrity and accountability of the SCEP/STEP programs. These programs have become so loosely managed. What use to be great opportunity for young people, has become a free fall for parents/agencies to get their adult age children jobs. The organization I worked for has over 160 SCEP/STEP students with an average age of 23. This limits the opportunity for others to be able to get an experience such as the SCEP/STEP.

The current policy and procedures for the SCEP/STEP programs are open ended. Times have changed and these rules need to be relooked. One alternative -- SCEP program should mimic the FCIP program. With the exception to fill the hard fill positions such as acquisition, engineering’s, doctors, lawyers. Individuals must compete for the positions, they must have a certain GPA, it should be a two year program, and meaning for individual in undergraduate studies cannot compete until their third year. If they maintain an acceptable GPA and performance then convert to a permanent position. STEP program should be seasonal hire program, with individuals competing and reinstate that students cannot work in the same organizations with their relatives (especially mothers and fathers). When students graduate from high school, vocational program, college program, they must be removed from the rolls. I hope you take this idea into consideration, as the DoD is your biggest corrupt in mismanagement of the program.



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