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Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

I've heard that OPM is working on developing a diversity and inclusion strategic plan for the federal government, and that representatives from several federal agenices are involved. I would like to suggest that involvement in that effort be expanded to include people outside the government (for example: Shirley Davis, Director of Diversity Initiatives at the Society for Human Resources Management). Also, I'd like to recommend that the plan encompass all the components identified as important by the Society for Human Resources Management for creating a strategic diversity management plan: Inclusive and Sustainable Culture and Work Environment; Practitioner Competencies; Strong Business Case; Commitment from the Top; Vision, Mission and Strategy; Recruitment and Sourcing; Employee Retention; Training and Development; Onboarding; Communications; Marketing, Advertising, and Branding; Leveraging Employee Diversity; Strategic Alliances and Partnerships; Corporate Social Responsibility; Customer/Member Experience; Supplier/Vendor Diversity; and Measurement and Accountability.



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