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Talent Lost

In a recent survey of a government agency, over one third of those interviewed stated that they did not apply for a promotion or a new position due to the overwhelming nature of the current federal hiring processes.


Also, DHS just stated in a Post article that it has thousands more contract workers than it does actual DHS employees. They said the cause of this is in large part due to the federal hiring process and its inability to supply needed talent in a timely manner.


The Partnership for Public Service has done research finding that those within Generation Y, which are vastly unemployed according to a new study by Pew, are interested in working for the federal government but don't know of federal opportunities. Those that do know of public sector opportunities are lost to private sector companies that can offer positions on the spot.


I know that it is a long term project, but in order for the federal government to be competitive, it must simplify its hiring process through a resume drop, common application or dire hire capability on campus. After all, the current form of hiring within the federal government is of the least predictable and reliable. This must be done because a good hiring process leads to the much sought after results-oriented government culture and leads to improving all aspects of your human capital practices. I would love to be a part of this new change within the federal government and OPM and am open to sharing more of my ideas. Thanks.



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